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contemporary minimal paintings

Sometimes when you get so used to doing what you love you just need a bit of a change; After ten years of black and white drawings in fine line pen, I reached that point. My love affair with The Pen isn't over, but I needed a little bit of something on the side. Know what I mean?

I was in London a couple of months ago and got lost in an art store as I usually do. I still spent near enough an hour browsing through beautiful papers but I was so used to the 'Pen Section' and all its delights (I'd tried pretty much all the sweets on the shelf) that I found myself in the paint section.

I left with a very minimal colour palette of acrylic paints (still can't quite shift that slant I have) and lots of beautiful paper that is harder to come by in Australia, especially in the countryside!

It feels very alien using a medium that I'm not used to but also rather liberating working in such a minimal way that changes the way in which I approach the paper. My art deco inspired drawings can take anything up to 80 hours of drawing time which would require planning, patience and some more patience. Putting a brush straight to the paper, oh, it was like freedom!

I have been using an Arches rough watercolour paper and Wallace Seymour Fine Acrylic paints. Worth every penny.

I'm still in the experimental stage so lets see where this evolves! 

You can purchase these one-off paintings for a steal here
ore to be added over the coming days...


Part of this journey is to learn how to uncomplicate things and pare back. Difficult when my style of work is generally to overcomplicate at every possible opportunity! This is an exercise in playing with another tool and seeing what results I get, I'm not trying to replicate what I did in pen, in paint. (that would just be cheating) My black and white contemporary drawings hold intricate detail at every opportunity, so finding a beauty in keeping things simple in my own work has been a fun challenge.

contemporary painting  contemporary painting

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