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artist drawing with pens


I continue to explore the limits of working in fine-line pen on paper; All pieces are drawn and embellished by hand and can take anything up to 80 hours. My current works are heavily influenced by graphic design from both the art-deco and psychedelic era, continuously playing with contrast, bold lines and shape to transport the viewer to somewhere more evocative and free.

I love the simplicity and restrictiveness of working in black and white, as it allows me to bring something unexpected and unseen out of a piece that wouldn’t necessarily have been there had the limitless use of colour been involved.


Born on the Greek island of Rhodes in 87, wondering the white washed streets of Lindos until 8 years old before moving to the UK. At eighteen moving to London to study graphic design at the University of the Arts where detailed illustrations had played a prominent role in my work and something I would later look back on and develop into my distinctive style today.

A big move across the world to Australia in 2014, with equal time living in both Melbourne and around the lush hinterland of Byron Bay. Completing various illustrative commissions, producing detailed drawings on paper with a strong art-deco influence whilst enjoying the simple pleasures of nature, surfing and not having to wear shoes.

If you have a project you are interested in me working on, however big or small, personal or commercial please get in contact to discuss.