Hey all. I've really tried to pull my finger out and keep an updated, regular blog on the go. That's a total lie, I haven't at all but now I am! Stay tuned for Q&A's with some awesome movers and shakers in the contemporary art and design scene, some behind the scenes, information on great exhibitions that you should most definitely attend and all other things that may cross my mind...

To start with, I thought it would only be fitting to start my blog with a little Q&A with myself for those who may be interested. And yes, I did feel like a twat posting an interview with myself but we have to start somewhere don't we.

Please excuse my bad language throughout. My vocabulary is not as fine tuned as my artwork. I am a real person not a marketing company.

 Big Love






Born in: Rhodes, Greece

Lives in: Newrybar, Northern Rivers NSW

Profession: Artist

Career Ambition: to travel and exhibit all over the world, selling enough work to carry on exhibiting and travelling around the world.

Life ambition: to stay happy, and free and to conform to only ideals of my own


Q1. Describe your practice/profession with 5 words 

graphic, intricate , art deco, bold ,painstaking slow!


Q2. Best and worst thing about your profession? 

I love the freedom of working for myself (i’m the best boss ever) and also the lessons it teaches me. If i work hard I generally get rewarded, if I don’t and things start to dwindle, well, it’s only myself to blame!

On the downside it is very up and down financially which is great when your on an up but can be difficult on the downs. I’m also a slightly cocky risk-taker. Again, great when things work out not so great when they don’t. Hey it’s all part of the game!


Q3. What is the biggest challenge you face professionally?

Creating a body of work and having to show people for the first time. I like to draw alone, I get anxious when people watch me so showing new work to people can be a little tense for me. Transporting frames is also a nightmare!haha


Q4. What or who inspires you in your career?

I have a background in graphic design so alot of imagery that interests and inspires me is usually beautiful pieces of graphic design from various designers and eras. Just a few off the top of my head, I love the work of Malika Favre who produces minimal vector-based graphic art, 1960’s psychedelic poster pioneer Victor Moscoso has some amazing work. As a totally side shoot - architect Ricardo Bofill has so much inspiration to offer too with his out-there beautiful buildings.


Q5. How did you end up doing what you are doing today?

I studied graphic design when I came out of college at the University of the Arts in London. I had decided to study graphic design after a thought process that went something like this - "I'd love to be an artist. That's a stupid idea, nobody makes a living trying to sell paintings. Be more practical Chrysa; How about fashion design? I hate sewing and making patterns but I want to be a fashion designer. Fuck it, I'll be a graphic designer. I love paper, I can use photoshop, there's zero sewing involved and hey, I'm not too bad at it." So off I went, studied, graduated in the peak of the Great Recession and cut a long story short, moved to Australia and accidentally ended up pursuing my career as an artist. Oh the irony.


Q6. If you weren’t in your profession, what would you do? 

Marine biology if I would have paid a bit more attention in science at school, or a National Park ranger. Driving round national parks in Land Cruisers and getting paid for it?! yes please


Q7. What are you listening to at the moment?

Oh so many things! Notably at the moment The Allah Las, The Moody Blues, lots of Tim Buckley, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Champion Jack Dupree, more Pink Floyd, Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac and Lee Hazzlewood. Also alot of podcasts! I love the debates on Intelligence Squared. The list could go on forever. When I’m drawing all day, entertainment of the acoustic kind is vital.


Q8. What item would you be lost without? 

Professionally - probably my grandads geometry set; I use all the rulers, compasses, protractors etc all the time. He used to be a test pilot and I have lots of his equipment he used to use to map flight paths etc. I love the fact that he used it and now i do too.

In life - hair grips and sunglasses. And google maps.


Q9. What would you do if you were given $1 million today? 

Buy myself a nice little house, a Land Cruiser and do some travelling. I don’t even think 1mil would stretch that far these days but I can still dream!


Q10. What do you love to do in your spare time?

I love being amongst nature and friends. I love camping, exploring, going surfing, (although still after 3 years of surfing, I'm so rubbish at it) I also love to cook and session a few red wines. #guiltypleasure