wine label design on bottle

Label design for Gravity Wines, a boutique winery based in Heathcote, VIC

Label design for large boutique distillery 23rd St Renmark in South Australia for their hybrid whisk(ey) label

singapore cityscape drawing

Large-scale drawing for a hotel in Singapore; The drawing is of the view from the hotel and is used throughout the hotel for decoration.

cashmere scarf on model

A collaboration with Cashmerism. Artwork designed for textile print.

christmas presents on rugchristmas presents wrapping paper

Various illustrations for Bespoke Press' 2016 Christmas gift-wrapping and stationary range. 

coffee drop flavours illustration

Artwork for Melbourne-based coffee roaster 5 senses for their 2016 Christmas cards illustrating all the tastes in their coffee.

honeyblood album cover insects


honeyblood vynilhoneyblood vynil apple

Various artwork for Scottish band Honeyblood. Including album cover, special releases, and singles.

illustrated carillustrated rear lightillustrated bonnet

Drawing in a Kia car over the course of two weeks at the Australian Open, Melbourne 2015